Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Multiphoto Class

Welcome to this month's multiphoto class! 'Multiphoto' to me pretty much means two photos! most of my layouts are focussed around just one photo and I love to use plenty of white space..but this design could easily be adapted to incorporate 3 or 4 small photos..

so to start you are some of the items I've used to create this layout..(I didn't end up using the handcut numbers) I've used a few other things as you will see in the steps below..

step 1: the main focus of the layout will be in the centre of the cardstock so scrape some gesso in various spots..leaving the centre clear.. I used a palette knife to apply the gesso but you could also use an old credit card..

Step 2: using a stencil or mask (I used The Crafter's Workshop 'numbers collage' template) spray some mist/ink in a few spot.. I've flipped the template over a couple of times to actually print with the ink left on it...

Then add a couple of pre-cut cut journal cards and three paper strips (hand cut is fine) and stick them all down.. 

Step 3: stick down your photos and some pre-punched circles ..

Step 4: add some rough machine stitching through the circles (I stitched vertical and horizontal lines going backwards and forwards a few times)

then add some of the flowers from the kit..I've also added a few matching buttons from my stash..

Step 5: to finish add your title using the small stickers fro the kit..I've outlined them with a white can also add one of the photo corner stickers if you wish..

feel free to add some hand journaling to the journal cards..I've just chosen to keep mine blank this time..

here's the finished layout..

I thought I'd share a few extra photos to show some details:

I hope you've enjoyed this class and feel inspired to have a go yourself..don't forget the design is totally you can put your own spin on add more photos or skip the  the background painting/misting steps for a more 'clean and simple' design... 

thanks for looking and if you do have a go, please don't forget to share in the MB thread!

Gina x