Friday, November 11, 2011

Card Sharks Contest Week One: Solitaire Challenge

Hi ladies,
Are you ready for your second challenge on the week?
Complete the challenge below and link up your entry to this post by midnight, PST on November 17th. the challenge will earn you 5 points and three special mentions (chosen by the design team) will earn an extra 5 points. play along to win as many points as possible:)

Remember, each round will present you with three challenges: two 5 point earners and one bonus challenge!
Let's go:
Challenge: Solataire
The history of a group of card games known as Solitaire dates back to the mid-18th century. Internationally, the game of solitaire has many names. It is often called "Patience," especially in Britain. In France, the game is sometimes called "Success" (reussite). Other languages, such as Danish, Norwegian and Polish often use the word "Kabal" or "Kabala" (secret knowledge) to describe these games. This goes back to the early origins of solitaire where the outcome of a game may have been though to be a type of fortune telling
It is widely believed, but not true, that Napoleon played solitaire during his exile. Many solitaire games bare his name or the name of the island he was exiled to. However, Napoleon enjoyed the more popular games of the day such as Whist. But by the mid-19th century, solitaire was popular in French society.
In the 1980s, personal computers made solitaire more popular than ever. Since players don't need to shuffle and deal the cards for each and every hand, game play has become more enjoyable. In addition, the ability to start a new game with only the click of a mouse has brought forward the addictive quality of these games

Challenge: Make a card to cheer up the lonely.


Supplies: October kit

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the challenges for week one!
A full list of rules can be found here 
Now, it's your turn... can't wait to see what you will create:)
Happy creating♥


Zarah said...

I adore you. Not "only" is this such an adooorable challenge that made me S:M:I:L:E - but the card itself makes me all happy too. It's SO pretty! You rock. :D

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

Such a pretty card! It would cheer up anyone!

Leah Killian said...

I really love how this challenge is written :-) Clever idea :-)

Gramjak said...

This is the most clever challenge I've ever found! Such creative goodies and lots of techniques and ideas! LOVE it all!