Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Card Sharks: Announcing...

hi all! after taking a bit of a break for the holiday, the last half of Card Sharks has returned...are you ready to bring your best game.

we have been super impressed by the entries so far! since this is a contest with a pretty big prize, we need to narrow the field.

we have eliminated three players based on overall scores...thanks for playing...we loved your cards!:

Annika, Nenne and Huld

You do have a chance to reenter...
keep playing along for a chance to play in the second 5 point challenge of the week...
we will do a random draw!
Remaining Contestents by Score
Anabelle: 40
Annelie:  35
Ashley:  32
Magscrap: 27
Jan:  27
Andrea:  25
Fara:  25
Michelle:  24
Carina: 20
LIndaSS: 20
Lisa:  19

We will bring you week three starting tomorrow!  This round involves public voting along with the DT special mentions.  So be sure to invite your friends to the blog.  Another round of cuts and we enter the final week!

Did I mention the $100 prize pack???

See you tomorrow!


Michelle said...

I think I might be short a few points? Were all the challenges worth 5 points except Hilde's and Leah zero challenge?

Stacey Michaud said...

hi michelle...the bonus in each round was worth 2 point...random draw! I will check again though!

Andrea Amu said...

How exciting!

Can't wait to see the next round of challenges!

Michelle said...

Okay-thanks Stacey. It makes sense now. I didn't relize some of them were only worth random draw points.

fara said...

thanks stacey..i can't belive i'm in :)

Anabelle O'Malley said...

Yay!! Can't wait to work on the next challenge!! :)

Lisa J. said...

WOW I have done all the challenges on time and have the lowest points. What a bummer!

Nenne said...

Good luck to all of you remaining ladies! now's the time for poker faces! :)

I fell behind (too much on my plate) but I had fun while it lasted!

Lisa J. said...

Can you recheck your numbers? If I just got the basic minimum of points and no bonuses it should be 20. That is with no special bonuses or early bonuses. Thank you!!