Thursday, November 10, 2011

Card Sharks Contest Week One: Phase 10 Challenge

ready to lay down your cards?  welcome to week one of the Cards Sharks contest...complete the challenge below and link up your entry to this post by midnight, PST on November 17th.  the challenge will earn you 5 points and three special mentions (chosen by the design team) will earn an extra 5 points.  play along to win as many points as possible!!  Here we go:

Challenge: Phase 10
Phase 10 is a fun rummy-style card game by Fundex. The object of the game is to play each hand, building off of that hand according to that Phase's requirements, until you have completed all 10 Phases in the game.
Since we do not have weeks for this challenge (smile) we will complete 3 Phases for our 'Card' game.
Phase One: create your card base
your base MUST include the following (everyone will be dealt the same hand to begin the game)
ONE pp background
ONE smaller block of pp or cardstock
ONE strip of pp, trim, chipboard or sticker across the bottom of the block of pp or cardstock
ONE decorative trim at the bottom of the block below strip of pp or trim
(i have given THREE examples below of phase 1)
before moving onto Phase 2, take a picture of your 'card base'
Phase 2: embellish (build) your 'card' hand.
you may add any embellishments, trims, chipboard, sentiments, anything you like to your card base.
before moving onto Phase 3, take a picture of your card
Phase 3: post your finished card along with Phase 2 pic
example 1

example 2
example 3
can't wait to see your 'Phases' and 'Cards' ladies. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
happy creating♥

 be sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the challenges for week one! 
A full list of rules can be found here!


Ashley Harris said...

Here are my Phases!

Shellye said...

Awesome! This is such a fun challenge...I'm going to work on mine tomorrow :)

beckyjune said...

You make the most gorgeous cards!

It is so great that the Nook finally has a blog!

Zarah said...

Heeeeeey! Using this formula I might ACTUALLY be able to make cute Danni-style cards! YAY!! *happy dance*

So much fun - and as usual, the cards? Rock rockity rockrock! :D

Nenne said...

I'm all done and linked up! I actually thought this was a hard challenge!