Wednesday, November 16, 2011

falling for fall

are you enjoying all of the rich colors in your november kit? the echo park times and seasons line is perfect to capture the gorgeous fall afternoons and cold winter mornings. and that's exactly what we want to do with today's newest card challenge, celebrate fall by bringing some of that beauty inside and onto your card
for this challenge you will need to:
1- incorporate some type of leaves onto your card. they can be stamped, chipboard, felt, fabric, hand-stitched, hand-drawn, clipart...whatever your heart desires
2- incorporate at least ONE of the colors of fall on your card (doesn't have to be the leaves, but of course, can be)...dark red, orange, gold or olive green.
card by shellye

aren't those colors gorgeous? how will you interpret this challenge?
if you are able to create for this challenge, we would love to see your creations in this thread: Falling for Fall
(a little birdie told me that shellye's offering up a prize this week too...wink)
happy creating♥