Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Card Class - Pleated heart


Have you ever tried to pleat a heart?
Here in Norway, and in the rest of Scandinavia, we learn this traditional technique as quite young children. Every home has pleated hearts as Christmas decorations, often on our trees.

I find these hearts perfect as embellies for cards and layouts and today I am going to show you how to use a pleated heart on a card, and how to make it.

Start with gathering your supplies. For this card I used four different papers from the December kit, the pearls and rhinestones and the silver trim.
You will also need a 6”x12” cardstock for your base card and a pair of scissors.

Fold your cardstock into 6x6 for your base card.
Cut one 5 ½ “x 5 ½” square from PRESENT (paper) and make a 4” circle from SNOW GLOBE. Roughen ends with a scissor or edge scraper if desired.

Cut one 2”x8” strip from MINT, and one from the MISTELTOE. Fold them both in half to make 2”x4” rectangles. Also cut one 4”x ¾” strip from MISTELTOE.
Now cut and fold your pre made 2”x4” as the image below shows. Make sure your slits are at least 2” deep (the width of the paper strips), or it will not fit while pleating. If you never have tried this technique earlier, I strongly recommend you practice with some light weight paper, (like paper for copy machines) as the papers from the kit are quite stiff and more heavy to work with.

Image from

Now, this is what your heart should look like when you have added the 2”x4” strip as a handle.

Assemble the pieces, embellish with bling, pearls and a small bow of silver trim and voila! Your card is done.

 From the side:

Don’t hesitate to ask if questions.

Happy pleating!
If you make a pleated heart, don't forget to link to your blog in this comment section , so we can watch your pretty creation and leave you some love


Kate Vickers said...

Very pretty Hilde! I'm going to try that!

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Anabelle O'Malley said...

This is so cute! I recently saw one on Pinterest and have been dying to make one. Love the little piece of tinsel you added. :)

Carol said...

you are so clever!!!! love it Hilde ;)