Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Scrapbook Nook Advent Calendar December 22th


Made with My Scrapbook Nook December Kit + ad ons

As I have metnioned earlier, My Scrapbook Nook friends is indeed an international group of talented scrappers. Yesterday we visited Sweden in our Advent Calendar, today we're going far, far more south, to South Africa to visit Sam.

Having scrapping friends all over the world, has made me used to working within different time zones. I know my US friends are 6-9 hours behind me, the Australians 7-9 hours in front of me and that the Europeans are equal +/- 1-2 hours. It's quite interesting then to see that Durban, South Africa, where Sam lives,  is in the same zone, when the journey there take half a day, longer than to New York or Ottawa :-)

Let's visit Sam today and see what she has for us in todays Calendar Post. Take a look at the clock in the left bar on her page and notice what time it is. Did you get surprised?

Have a happy Thursday, no matter in which time zone you are!


Marinette said...

Lovely tag♥

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