Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nook Tribut - Els (Pruts)

Today Els (Pruts) from Belgium host the Nook Tribute post:

I've only been a member of nook for a few months. But boy, what a great place to be !!!

I'm in love with the kits. I really feel sad that I will never find another nook kit on my doorstep.
I never imagined that a foreign forum could feel like coming home. Although my english isn't the best, all the nookers  welcomed me and never said anything about weird English. I feel that the nook forum is the place were all my foreign scrapbooking friends are. I hope we keep in touch !!

Nook is a place where so many talented ladies are and everyone respects each others work.
I'm gonna mis nook. Thank you Pam and Leah for being so friendly and making nook such a wonderful place. I wish you both the best !!!!!

These are some lo's I made with the great nook kits.

Els' blog:


Laurence said...

Your photos are alway so cute ! Well said about the kindness of the people on this forum !