Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nook Tribute - Zarah

Today it's Zarah who hosts the Nook tribute post:

Hi and welcome to my little post.

I’m Zarah, sometimes more known as zarischka (the one with the unpronounceable name…) and I am a Nookoholic.
Way, way back – in the early days of 2007, long before I had any experience to speak of and long before I knew much of anything about scrapbooking, I happened to spend a little time on this message board, whose name and address I’ve long since forgotten. It might have been nice. It probably was, but I wouldn’t remember because one day my board friend Erica told me that she was on the DT for this online kit club that had a wonderful message board – and that said kit club were looking for guest designers.

There was a small virtual crop going on to find these gDTs and she encouraged me to sign up, scrap and go for it.
I gathered all my courage and obeyed.One of the LOs I made for that crop was this one:

I got the gig. I can still remember how that felt! I couldn’t stop bouncing, and I was just SO happy! Me! Little ol’ me – guest designing for a big American kit club?! It felt way too good to be true.
I had my guest designing period and I was feeling a little nostalgic already, but not ready to move on. I’d found my online home. I was gonna stick around, no matter what.

Then the phone rang…
Imagine my excitement when Leah was on the other end, asking me if I wanted a permanent spot on the DT…
Did I EVER??!
I stumbled on the language barrier and must have slipped and fallen (figuratively) at least ten times during that call, but the most important thing was that I managed to say “Yes, yes, absolutely, yes! Thank you!”

So I stayed. I was on the DT for several more terms (I will never understand what inspired all that trust in Leah and Pam, but I am forever thankful!) and after I decided it was time to stop applying, to let new blood in – I still stayed.
My style evolved greatly thanks to the club, and the loving support of my friends on the boards.





They dubbed me “part of the inventory” and I had some kind of record in posting.
What can I say? When I call the Nook my online home, I’m not lying.

I have made so many amazing friends at the Nook.
The board always has been rather famous for its uncommonly nice members. There were never any backstabbing, gossiping or cliques at the Nook. There was support, love, cheerful posts and tooting for each other. There were smiles, loyal friends and happy times.
Everyone was a part of the family.
I’ll miss it.
I’ll miss you.

Keep your eyes on the future, but don’t forget our past together. I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other.


Zarah's blog:


Lilith Eeckels said...

Boohoo I'm really going to miss it too. Love seeing how you have grown in the scrapbooking world!

Monique Liedtke said...

Oh Zarah, I'll miss you & the Nook so much too! Love seeing your pages from way back when you had your own little sketches challenge blog till now. Your style has changed (grown) so much! Love it!!

Danielle said...

I loved reading your story, sweet Zarah!! I'll miss the Nook so much too!
Big hug!

Sherri said...

Zarah, you were one of the reasons I jumped in and joined the forum. And my first ever upload to the gallery were because of you. You challenged us to make bookmarks. It was a 'just for fun' challenge, and the first one I felt comfortable enough to share. Someone the teeny tiny project was a little less intimidating to share with all of you talented women at the time. Thank you for being part of such a wonderful experience for me :)

Zarah said...

Awww! Lilith, Monique, Danielle, Sherri... HUGS! I'm so moved by your comments! Please, don't be strangers. I mean it. ♥