Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nook Tribute - Pysselpetra

Every day during the month of september one of the Nook DT or one of the Nook friends host a Nook Blog post about how their life has been with the Nook. Today Swedish Pysselpetra is our host. Here is what she has to say:

I still remember my first kit from my scrapbook nook… I thought it was the most amazing kit design I had ever seen – simply beautiful - when I first saw it on the blog of a Swedish scrapper I admired.. . She was in the Nook DT and I found my way to the Nook MB. I immediately fell in love both with the kits and the community.
When I received the kit… wow… this was in May 2008 … at first I couldn’t get myself to start using it. It was so perfect and it felt wrong cutting it up… yes I am a bit crazy… It was almost like a collector’s item and it seemed like it should stay intact. Anyway, in the end, I made one page….

The rest of the kit I have still kept as is, still beautiful.
I received 25 kits from the Nook or more... not sure, all as beautiful and it took a long time before I actually started to use the kits, not just kept them *LOL*
I will always remember nook for the friendliness and amazing talent but also for the stressful, funny, crazy, thrilling and inspiring crops. Yes stressful indeed. But I loved getting the pressure of making almost too many pages in too short time. That really thought me not to spend hours choosing papers and decorations but just grabbing what is in reach. Some of my best pages ever I did on one of the last crops.

I also met some real good scrappy friends IRL just because I first met you at the Nook and I am so happy about that… Hilde, Camilla, Zarah and Helena.
So I will miss My Scrapbook Nook for sure and I wish all my fellow Nookies lots of happy scrappy adventures and I hope to catch up with you all, if not IRL, somewhere in cyber space.

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Laurence said...

I felt the same about cutting the papers !