Thursday, September 6, 2012

The September Kit

Is in the house!!!

Isn't it beautiful?   Lots of amazing blues complimented by yellows, greens and tans, dainty little details, luscious flowers, arrows and phrases in abundance.  It's masculine and feminine all at the same time ;)

It's landing at doorsteps all over the world as we speak.......I'm always the first to get my kit (lucky me ;)  so I've got a few layouts to share:


and a beautiful card by Hilde

We'll have lots more to share next week as our design team digs in.
It is a bittersweet month for all of us.  Completely enjoying this gorgeous kit but knowing it's the last one is hard.  We will miss the Nook and all of you!  We have the best community and we love you, our members.  Thanks for making this place such a great one ;)


Zarah said...

Oh my... *hyperventilates* Too gorgeous!! ...and the kit, too!! ;D

Love what you made, ladies -a nd I cannot wait for that kit - although just thinking about cutting it up feels a bit heretic, right now. I will miss the Nook.
Don't be strangers? Really - I mean it. I'd miss you horribly.

Monique Liedtke said...

Super cute pages Carol!! and this kit looks wonderful! Can't wait to get it! It's sad it's the last one though....