Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nook Tribute: Bente Fagerberg

Although I am a fairly new addition to the design team here at the ’Nook’ I have come to love the friendly atmosphere and the warm reception of the forum/message board. All of you lovely members make this such a special place and I am sure going to miss it when it’s gone.
They say that all good things has to come to an end,…and this is definitely one of those good things. I have come to understand that to many people this is their ‘home’ on the internet and I shall be sad to see so many people being ‘homeless’.
I know we are trying to find new places to keep in touch and to chat, but I guess it will take some time until we ‘feel at home’ in a new place.
It is difficult to find something to replace what we have here!

I am just so grateful to Leah and Pam for having had confidence in me and I have utterly enjoyed my journey here at 'My Scrapbook Nook’ even if it was shorter than planned. I understand that there is a time for everything and that you ladies have decided to embrace new challenges. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I will share a few projects I made whilst on the team here:  

Thanks so much and I hope we will continue running into eachother somewhere in cyberspace! 




Laurence said...

Could'nt be happier to see that you were chosen among many other talents for the DT... I love your scrapbooking and hope we'll keep in touch.

Sherri said...

It was lovely having you join the team, even if it was for a short time Bente!