Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nook tribute - Hilde

It's so sad - an era is soon over.
It's finally sinking in - the Nook is soon to be history. The forum is getting more quiet every day as our members find other places to hang out - or do they really?

I'm one of the oldies at the Nook. I found my way there back in 2007 - in fact: if the Nook had stayed on for another two months, I could have grabbed the "Five-Years-As-Nooker" badge. I remember looking for a place to shop online - but I found more: a kit club and a welcoming community.

I had never worked with coordinating collections before, so recieveing the first kit was like heaven - no need to spend time looking for the perfect match anymore. Here is the first layout I made with a Nook kit:

DCWV papers?

The DT arranged something they called Crops. I had no clue what this was and imagine my chock when I dicovered it was all about doing 30+ challenges in one weekend! Later I discovered the DT arranged other kinds of crops, too, and I enjoyed all of them. I can be quite competitive and I remember working night and day to beat Camilla at one of month long summer crops. She draw the longes straw, but I was happy as a clam to have been pushed far out of my comfort zone and developing as a scrapper. Here is a layout from the summer crop, where we were supposed to use girl colors for boys' layouts and vise versa. And I even painted on my layout!

But I also remember the bitter sweet moment where I lost a three month GDT spot because one of the DT memebers did a counting mistake and the winner were announced too soon. As she never did anything to clear up, I suspected her to be happy seeing me lose, but I kept my mouth shut to the DT coordinator, counting it would pay off in the long run. And I had my lessons learned about what this industry can be like.

Over the years the DT members have  been a wonderful source for inspiration and learning. I started my paper craft career as a card maker and where I hung around it was all about coloring stamped images. I did not know there excisted a card making world where not coloring images was an option, but when I saw one of the Nook DT members make a card with patterned paper and pre made embellies only, I was hooked. I think I spent an entire kit just enjoying cutting and exploring the world of patternes. One of the cards I made:

Fancy pants paers?

As said in lots of the Nook Tribute posts, the forum/community has been one of a kind: so warm, welcoming and and drama free. This was the place you could both toot, laugh, rant and cry. Working internationally has been a fun ride and I guess a lot of us can thank the Nook for developing our English skills as well as knowledge about foreign countries and cultures.

I have met people on the Nook that will stay friends forever, even if we don't chat every day or week - we have learned to know each other over  the years and know and respect each other. I trust those people 100% and dare to share even the more unpleasant parts of me and my inner thoughs - life happes for all of us, and it's priceless to have someone to talk to ouside the house some time. I like to think we do each other good, and luckily 99% of the Nookers have proved to be in that category.

And what is more fun than meeting Nookers IRL? It's quite natural, as I live in Norway, I get to see the Scandinavians most, but you never know where I travel next and who I might call to see :-)

Finally, I want to thank to all of you, and I hope the Nook love, will be as a boomerang: always returning back!

Nook January 2012 Kit featuring Lily Bee

Love you all!!!!


Hilde's blog: www.scoobieslilleblog.blogspot.com


Bente Fagerberg said...

Beautifully said Hilde.
I am sure we are many who feel the same way,...even if I am just a 'newbie'...lol!

Sherri said...

Love you too my girl. I am so thankful to the Nook for bringing us together ♥