Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Featured Cardie - Annelie Maddock

Please welcome this month's featured cardmaker...all the way from Auckland, New Zealand...the lovely Annelie!

Annelie has kindly answered a few questions for us...

*How long have you been making cards?
I've tried making cards for special occasions since 2006 when I found scrapbooking. TO be honest, I never really got in to it. UNTIL - I decided to join in on the Card Sharks competition here at the Nook. I was hooked! And I was even pretty happy with my cards! An amazing feeling!

*Can you describe your cardmaking style?
I still feel like such a beginner, so trying new things all the time. I like it fairly simple I guess, and I like clusters!

*Where do you find your inspiration?
Danni from the Nook is my guru, and even if my cards look nothing like hers, I love looking at her stuff and always get inspired when I do!
*What embellishments and techniques do you love to use?
I love chipboard & pins, love using my dies too.

*What is your favorite colour combination?
Oohhh - hard one. Hm. Not sure I have one. I like bright colours!

*What other paper crafts do you enjoy doing?
I am definitely a scrapbooker at heart. A day without scrapbooking is not a complete day. And lately, making a card makes me feel the same way. :)

here are a few of Annelie's gorgeous cards:

Thanks so much for sharing Annelie!..we can't wait to see more of your beautiful cards in the Nook gallery!



danni reid said...

oh my! these cards are absolutely amazing. i love, love your use of color and these are so beautiful!

thank you for your sweetest words, you have truly made my night, i love sharing our inspiration and friendship my friend!

Carol said...

thanks for sharing these with us Annelie! you are amazing ;)

Michelle said...

Beautiful work Annelie!

Shellye said...

Wow! You are a very talented card maker...congrats on being the Featured Cardie this month!!