Thursday, February 9, 2012

you all are amazing...

Seriously. You guys are producing some serious eye candy for the crop challenges. Here are some examples from last weeks challenges, #7 and #8.

Challenge 7:
Layout by Mette

Card by scrappin_in_AK

Layout by Wendy

Layout by Pruts

Wall Art by Kari Ann

Challenge 8:
Layout by Michelle M.

Layout by Alex

Card by LindaSS

Layout by Lena

Layout by Lisanj_2003

Are you ready to go scrap now??! Thanks for all of the inspiration you ladies are providing with the challenge entries! We will be sure to share more from the current challenges next week!


Carol said...

simply stunning!!! i hadn't seen some of these so what a nice little surprise.

Lilith Eeckels said...

WOW love each and every one of them!!!

Zarah said...

Fantastic stuff!!

Sherri said...

The talent at the Nook is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration Pam.

danni reid said...

WOW, i love these, so many gorgeous designs!!