Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Tecnique Class - Folded Mini Album

Hi girls. Today I’m going to show you how to fold and make a small mini album, just 3x6” big.

I took my family for a mini cruise during Easter break and we took a lot of snap shot photos: None of them are really worth standing on their own on a single page, but by using them in a mini, I can tell the whole story. This mini album could easily take 8-12 2 ½x4” photos, have plenty of room for journaling, and you can easily adjust the number of photos and room for journaling. Here are the supplies I used:

You also need some twine or ribbon.

Here we go: Take to pieces of 6x12” patterned paper and fold and cut as shown (they do not be from the same sheet of paper).

Now take the piece to the left in the photo and fold it as shown below to make a tag card

 (instruction #1 referrers to the bottom right part, not to fold it straight upwards)

 Set aside.

Now cut pieces of patterned paper and decorate the inside of the original folded piece #2. The striped piece to the very left is stuck under the blue piece, and scored so it can be folded. Also prepare three pieces for tags to fit into the tag card

Take your tag card and fix it as shown in the piece you just decorated. I used ordinary scotch and covered the tape with border stickers from the kit. You can see how the extra flip you made in the last step folds too.

Now here comes the fun part: Glue down you photos, write and embellish.

In order to make the album close properly, I recommend you keep your “pages” as flat as possible. There is room to decorate the back of the album too; it will not show when closed. I have put tickets and some more journaling there in my album. Fold the album, decorate the front and don’t forget to attach some twine or ribbon so you can keep your mini closed.

 If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Happy mini making!

PS If you make a mini showing this technique, don’t forget to link back to this forum thread so we can leave you some love!


Laurence said...

I love minis ! It's beautiful, hilde !

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow-you an artist! Great job!!!! Love it!!!!