Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet our new Design Team!

We are so happy to announce our new Design Team. This time round there were just four spots available and we know DT Manager Leah Killian had more than one sleepless night figuring out who to pick. As usual any girl on the short list was worth a place on the team, but sadly she couldn't pick all of them.

Here are the latest additions to the team:

Erika Gasser
Aleksandra Gadji
Patricia Roebuck
Bente Fagerberg

Returning designers are:
Leah Killian
Stacey Michaud
Carol Monson
Danni Reid
Jessy Christopher
Katarina Damm-Blomberg
Hilde Aaslund
Anna Sigga
Marinette Lefevre
Lilith Eckles
Shellye McDaniel
Pamella Brown
Gina Rodgers
Deanna Misner
Nicole Nowosad
We are so excited to see what new and old DT members have for you the upcoming months: to give you some sneaks on the newbies' styles, we want to showcase some of their work.
By clicking on thier names below the photos, you will be directed to their blogs. If you want to visit the oldies too, you find their blogs in the right hand bar.

Enjoy the tour :-)

Layout by Alex

Layout by Bente

Layout by Erika

Layout by Patricia


Nicole said...

congrats ladies!

Carol said...

welcome girls...amazing work!!! looking forward to working with you ;)

danni reid. said...

HUGE congrats to all of you, so so happy to work with you♥

Mandy said...


Patricia Roebuck said...

Congrats ladies! So looking forward to working with you all!