Sunday, April 8, 2012

Designer Showcase

Carol here wishing you all a Happy Easter.
Hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day with your family and friends.

Today I have a little designer showcase for you.  
I wanted to share with you ways to find inspiration for titles on your layouts.

I love fun and unique titles and am always looking and listening for things that strike me.  
I also love to just say exactly what I think as a title.

As you might already know Pinterest is a wonderful place for inspiration.  
I love to search quotes and use them as titles.
Here are a few that I've used or am planning to use:

I used this last one on a layout using the April kit with my son Jack.
The statement was perfect for these fun pictures of him, poses that he struck himself without any coaching from me ;)

Another great resource is music.
I'm always listening.
I love the way music lyrics express things so beautifully that I just don't think of.

For instance, this layout using items from this months grab bag and kit.
I heard these words from a song, which I failed to apologies, 
but I believe it was a Taylor Swift song.
When I heard them I knew they would be perfect for a Hawaii picture from my trip this last January.

The title is a little difficult to see here on line, but it says
 "I flew across the ocean to see what I could see"

Other great song lyrics that I've used are:

From the music of West Side Story (and also my daughters favorite movie)
"i feel pretty.....and I pity anyone who isn't me today"

From the movie Tangled
words my children were actually singing at the time ;)
"i've been dreaming of a true loves kiss"

Remember to write down the little things that your kids say.....those make the best titles in my opinion.

Sometimes there isn't a story or a reason behind a photo you want to scrap.
Sometimes it's "just because"

For me titles are a fun aspect to my design and I love coming up with clever and original ideas.
They are all around you, just keep your eyes and ears open.
And have fun!
For this challenge I'd love for you to find a great title and use it.
Then share with us your layout and where you found your inspiration.
I'll draw a random winner to receive a small RAK from me in 2 weeks.
Post your work over at the ;)