Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Two Pager Class - Nookers Have More Fun


We often think as two pagers suitable when you have a large amount of photos you want to fit into a page, but two pagers can work great for just a few photos as well.
Today I’m going to take you step by step through the creating of this two photo two pager:

Do you recognize these two fabulous women? You’re right – it’s Pysselpetra & me (Hilde), caught one early Sunday morning on the beach in my neighborhood, three weeks ago. Petra and her family were heading for a ski resort in the Norwegian mountains and needed a place to stay for one night. I offered them a place in our mansion, and they said yes. Lucky me! We had such a great time, and doing the bunny ears on the photos sums up pretty good what our meeting was like.

Here is how you do:

Grab your supplies (are you surprised?):
I used the April Kit.

In addition you will need two 12*12” sheets to glue down papers on – that could be cardstock, the backs of some ugly patterned papers you really want to get rid of, or as I used: the inserts of two page protectors. You will also need some ribbons, fibers or twine from your own supplies.
You will also need two photos 4*6”, one portrait oriented and one landscaped.

Cut stripes of your patterned papers and glue them down on your extra 12*12 papers. The width of mine are, from left to right: ½”, 4 ¾” , 6 ¾”, 6 ½”, 4”, 1 ½” and ½”. Ad stitching if desired (I use a faux stitching stamp). Cut out seven of the large tags from the tag sheet.

My corner of the world is visible up in the right corner of the map paper and I punched it out
so I could have some fun with it and make it pop

Line up your photos and tags. I have matted my photos with one of them patterned papers to make them stand out better

To add more dimension to your layout, use some 3D foam at the ends of the tags. Glue both tags and photos down, and add twine/ribbons/fibers.

Now embellish your heart out and add title and journaling. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

And voila! Your two pager is done. It wasn’t that hard, was it?

If you want to try out this design, don’t forget to link back to the actual forum thread with your project, so we can leave you some love.


Jody said...

Great LO! Love all the tags - can't wait to get my kit!