Monday, April 30, 2012

♥ APRIL 30th monday cards challenge- Etsy Inspiration ♥

good morning everyone. are you ready for another monday card challenge?

today's challenge--create a card inspired by ONE Etsy inspo below--danni

(you can be inspired by any part of the inspo, the color, the sentiment work, the overall design, one element, all the elements, you name it

: May 6th 11:59 pm PST
prize: $5 PP transfer
where to post? in the CARDS forum here and in the gallery
how many cards may you enter? as many as you like. the more cards you enter the better your chances of winning the random draw.

source: Gayana

card by Hilde

card by danni
i was inspired by the coffee inspo and hearts

we can't wait to see your cards
happy creating♥
hilde and danni


Stephanie Eaken said...

I think the apple would be perfect for w thank you card for a teacher! Thanks for the inspiration!! Hoping to find time to play along!

Patricia Roebuck said...

These are beautiful! Love the inspiration!

Shellye said...

oh my, such fabulous cards, girls!