Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 2 Page Layout

Hi girls!!
Today I'm in charge of our 2 page layout class ;)

I decided to use the May grab bag featuring This and That Charming.

 I thought the muted colors would be a great way to showcase some really fun pictures 
that I had of Jack.

I decided to keep things pretty clean and simple but wanted something a little fun.  I decided to try a confetti theme.  My best bet for that is this punch ;)

Now, I've done confetti before but never on this large of a scale, so I decided to do some experimenting on the best way to achieve the look.

I started with 3 different adhesives:

The Tombo liquid glue is what I've used in the past and just glued my confetti on individually.  
It's not as time consuming as it might seem and the results are perfection!

My second try was with the paper mod podge.  I assumed this would work great.  I was wrong.  I painted the glue onto my paper and then sprinkled my confetti on it, waited for it to dry and everything pretty much fell off.  Thank goodness it doesn't wrinkle the paper ;)

My last option was a spray adhesive.  I had heard that this worked pretty well.  

I sprayed it over my entire paper evenly then rushed to sprinkle my confetti in the proper place.  I had to re-arrange quite a bit of them because obviously the don't just fall in a nice little line like that.  Then I let it dry over night.    The adhesive dries pretty clear but leaves a bit of a rough coating over the paper, which is not that big of a deal, but I couldn't wait to get it in a page protector ;)  
Sadly, this solution wasn't as perfect as I thought.  I had lots of piece fall off that needed to be re glued with my liquid.  And a bunch that appeared glued at first but then flaked off.

In the end......I think I'll stick with my individual glueing process.  
It's cleaner, quicker and a sure bet ;)

Either way, the end results were just what I wanted.  I cut out several of the word tiles, used some chipboard and my pictures.  A few extra bits here and there and I was done.  It's clean and simple and sometimes that's just what a 2 pager calls for ;)

Thanks for looking!


Bente Fagerberg said...

This is gorgeous. Thanks for letting us in on your little findings concerning the different types of glue. Glue is actually so important for a great result. You certainly got a great looking result here.... :-)

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

What a wonderful idea!! I love what you did with the `confetti!` Super cute page!! xx

Katherine B said...

awesome! and the pictures capture so much personality! IF i had the patience to glue confetti, I'd probably use aileens and a toothpick!