Saturday, June 23, 2012

June Altered Item Class

Hi everyone! Alex here with an altered item class. This is not only my first class, but it is also my first altered item ever, so yep - I am pretty nervous. I hope you are going to like it!

I am going to show you how to make a simple but very, very cute fridge magnet using your June kit and your June grab bag. This is what you need:

Three different patterned papers, the stickers sheet, twine, the package from the butterfly pins, two different butterfly punhes, little clothespin (I used one from the April kit) and a magnet. My butterfly package was already open when I got this idea, so I carefully glued it together using a clear glue. If your package is intact - even better. Now let's get started!

1. Measure the size of the plastic circle. Note! I am using a centimeter ruler, 6 cm = 2.4 in.
2. Draw a circle with the equal size on the back.

3. Use a knife to cut out the circle. I first followed my drawn line, but afterwads I had to remove some more to get closer to the plastic edge.
4. Make your cut smoother using a file.

5. Cut a 7 cm (2.8 in) circle and punch out your butterflies. Adhere your butterflies to the circle as shown.
6. Add glue around your opening. 

7. Attach your butterflies behind the opening.

8. Wrap the twine around the bottom part. I added glue little by little as I was wrapping. 

9. Attach flower stickers to the bottom. 

10. Attach the "rememeber"-sticker to the clothespin.

11. Adhere your clothespin to the bottom. Let it stick out ovet the edge a little.

12. Adhere your magnet to the back. And....

VoilĂ ! This is how the finished magnet looks like hanging on my fridge. I left a little note to my husband this morning...

I hope you have enjoyed this class and that you feel inspired to give it a try.
If you do, please share it with us in this thread.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Patricia Roebuck said...

So clever and adorable, Alex! Love this idea!

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Choup72 said...

so cute!!!